MOVFR Circuit Board

The MOVFR circuit board offers the very latest in door control technology, including advancements in power management providing for longer service life. State of the art design includes no removable modules or relays, eliminating intermittent failures and unnecessary field service labour. The new design simplifies parameter adjustments and diagnostics through the on-board LCD display, while eliminating the need of a hand held tool. The main control board and elevator specific variable frequency drive greatly reduces field set-up labour.
  • Identical foot print application, fit, form and function, for replacing MOVFR 1 & MOVFR 2.
  • On-board LCD display -parameter adjustment in real time “no hand-held tool required for parameter adjustment”.
  • User friendly LCD rotation – work from either side of the operator.
  • On-board LED function indicators.
  • Job specific variable frequency drive board – advanced design reduces heat for superior drive efficiency.
  • Universal input voltage - no plug-in modules required, reducing maintenance cost.
  • Door detector enabled through LCD display - no chip purchase required.
  • Control board contains no antiquated removable modules or relays, utilizing current state of the art components, further reducing wasted field service labour.